Health Insurance

Commercial Health Insurance

One of the fastest areas for premium growth over the last fifteen years is Health Insurance. Premiums for The “Obamacare” plan that started implementation in 2014 allows individuals to shop for the coverage they want and at least have options as to what premium you pay. Most companies still subsidize at least 50% of the premium for their workers. Health insurance premiums have grown so large that it often is a business’ single biggest expense.  If you own a company we are able help you shop for the best coverage and premium among carriers such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Delta Dental, and the RI Healthcare exchange. If you would like a review of your Health insurance limits or a quote on Group Health insurance please complete the census provided below and upload via our secure form or call us during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm at 401-381-1350.

For a Group Health Insurance quote please clink on “Census,” save the complete Census to your computer, and forward it to us securely by then clicking “Contact US.” You will be able to securely attach the Census there and forward to us along with your contact information.

Individual Health Insurance

Under current laws Insurance Agents are unfortunately not allowed to help consumers shop for their own individual health insurance. So to help you I have listed the links below to the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut health insurance exchanges below. To find health insurance that is right for you, visit the link for your state and educate yourself on the coverage and pricing options you can purchase on your own regardless if you employer pays for health insurance or not. 


  • Pay special attention to deductibles. Don’t just take the lowest premium without fully reading the coverage you are getting. Deductibles can be $10,000 or more on an individual or family health insurance plan leaving you with a huge out of pocket expense before the insurance company pays a penny of benefit. 
  • Pay attention to enrollment dates. You can’t just sign up for health insurance before you see the doctor. You need to be on an annual plan and plan enrollment deadlines are described on each health insurance exchange website