Personal Umbrella Policy in Rhode Island

Secure a little extra coverage over your regular home, auto, or watercraft insurance policies. 

Personal Umbrella Policy

A Personal Umbrella policy, or Personal Excess policy provides additional coverage above your Auto insurance, Homeowners or Renter’s, Rental Properties, Boat, and other Recreational Vehicle policies. A Personal Umbrella (or Personal Excess policy) is provided additional coverage for Bodily Injury or property damage above your other auto, home, landlord or other policies. For instance, if you are in a car accident and cause severe injury to another, the Umbrella policy will give you a much better chance to protect your assets and future income earning potential when paying to compensate the injured party. Personal Umbrella Policies are generally inexpensive and a great way to protect your wealth.

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Why Purchase Personal Umbrella Policy?

Personal umbrella policies provide top-up coverage to your regular home and auto insurance policies. If your current auto policy covers $1,00,000 but faces a claim of $1,50,000, then a personal umbrella policy can compensate for the difference.  

There can be more probable scenarios that create the need for a personal umbrella policy, such as

  • Your vehicle gets into a potentially fatal accident 
  • Any slip and fall injury on the property you own 
  • Any injury or damage caused due to your boat or watercraft 
  • Your dog causes bodily harm 
  • You are sued for alleged defamation 

If you or anyone in your family is slammed with an insurance bill more than your coverage, Brook Insurance Associates LLC. is just a call away to guide you. From comparing Rhode Island’s personal umbrella policies to completing the paperwork, you have nothing to worry about.  

What is Covered in Personal Umbrella Policy

Personal umbrella policies compensate for a wide range of risks, including 

  1. Bodily Injury: If you happen to have caused immeasurable loss to someone like prolonged medical treatment and loss of income, then extra coverage can be bought. 
  2. Personal Injury: It can be either physical injuries or mental trauma caused by negligent actions. For instance, auto accidents and product defects.  
  3. Property Damage: Property damage can cause insurmountable loss such as permanent damage to factory equipment.
  4. Landlord liability: It protects landlords from legal claims and lawsuits filed by renters. 

There are however some exceptions. A personal umbrella policy does not cover 

  1. Damages caused to your personal assets 
  2. Business loss 
  3. Loss due to criminal acts  
  4. Liability covered in a written or oral contract

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The Actual Cost of Personal Umbrella Insurance in Rhode Island

The cost of umbrella insurance depends on many factors, like 

  1. The amount of liability coverage you need 
  2. The home state 
  3. The risk involved 
  4. The number and type of vehicles you own 
  5. The number of people covered 

At Brook Insurance Associates, LLC., our team will help you ascertain the extra insurance coverage you need over currently-owned policies. 
We work with many trusted personal umbrella policies in Rhode Island, so you do not have to shop anywhere else.  Let the best in the industry handle it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs personal umbrella insurance?

    Umbrella insurance is not mandatory for everyone. However, if you own high-value assets and are at risk of facing lawsuits, then purchasing personal insurance policies is a wise decision. As it provides extra liability coverage over homeowners, auto, and watercraft insurance, you can be at peace with paying the damages if the need arises.

  • Is it worth purchasing an umbrella policy from Brook Insurance Associates, LLC.?

    Yes. Brook Insurance Associates, LLC is one of the most reliable providers of personal umbrella policies in Rhode Island. We have an expert in-house team to manage it for you. From studying your liability risks to shopping for umbrella insurance, and more, you can leave everything to us.

  • Are personal umbrella policies expensive?

    No, in fact, umbrella insurance is one of the most affordable policies on the market. It’s primarily for the reason that your existing policies ( auto insurance, Homeowners or Renter, Rental Properties, Boat, and other Recreational Vehicle policies) carry optimal coverage. It is only under exceptional circumstances that you will feel the need of purchasing personal umbrella policies.

  • Does an umbrella insurance policy cover death?

    Yes, umbrella policies provide additional coverage for fatal physical injuries or wrongful death of another person involved in a road accident or negligence. Schedule a consultation with one of us and find out more about that.