Flood Insurance

It is a common misconception that Flood Insurance would be included in a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. Flood Insurance is a type of stand-alone policy that you can obtain most frequently if your home is in a coastal area or near a river, stream, or other body of water. You can be a risk of flooding and be miles from the coast. If you would like help determining if your property is located within a flood zone, you can contact us via our contact page and provide the property address. We can help you determine what flood zone your property is in as well as a Flood Insurance premium for your property.

If you would like to request a real-time quote, you can visit our Homeowners Insurance page and and fill out the form there and be provided a Homeowners quote as well as a Flood Insurance quote. Please feel to call us at 401-381-1350 x 405 to discuss your unique property  and cater coverage for your needs.

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