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Condominium Insurance

People that live in apartments or condominiums often overlook buying insurance to protect their personal property and liability. A condominium unit owners policy is a smaller and less expensive version of a homeowners insurance policy with many important coverages included for a very small premium. If you were to have a fire in your condo the landlord has insurance to replace the building and loss of rental income because they have now lost you as a tenant. There is usually no insurance coverage on the the building owners policy for your furniture, appliances, clothing or other personal property you own. Their policy also does not pay for you to live somewhere else while the building is being repaired or while you are looking for another apartment or condo. Buying your own policy is very inexpensive and covers your personal property, personal liability, and loss of use. For a coverage review and quote for Renters or Condominium Unit Owners coverage please call us during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

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