Secure your marijuana dispensary against the unexpected turn of events.

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Marijuana Dispensaries

At any time a marijuana dispensary can be affected by hazards such as fire, vandalism, burglary, and more. If something like this were to happen, most dispensaries would not be able to get back on their feet without monetary stress. We offer various marijuana dispensary insurance policies, ranging from general and product liability insurance to property coverage and more to mitigate the risk associated with these threats.


Cultivators are often confronted with unexpected incidents like theft and equipment breakdown. It will impact the business and cultivators may not be able to finish the orders. Our insurance solutions will cover many such predictable and unpredictable risks including but not limited to goods in progress and stocked goods.  

Testing Laboratories

Processors and Manufacturers

Cannabis manufacturing has been going at an unprecedented pace. There are standards and regulatory requirements when it comes to edible cannabis products. In a situation where your product causes undue harm or sickness, your manufactured or processed products are likely to be recalled from the market. From professional liability to general liability and more, our insurance solutions will help you mitigate the loss that your business may incur.

Ancillary Businesses

Cannabis manufacturers do not work in isolation. They need to partner with wholesalers, retailers, and the like to get the product on the market. Our insurance solutions cover such ancillary businesses against contingencies that may cause any damage than good. We have a variety of insurance products such as general, professional, and product liability insurance.


Landlords are a crucial part of the legal marijuana industry. They provide land or commercial property for cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and storage. We provide insurance to industrial properties, warehouses, strip malls, office buildings, and more.

Testing Laboratories

Local and state involvement in testing cannabis products is increasing every day. We provide insurance against general and professional liability for testing labs.

We are currently licensed for Cannabis Insurance in the following states: CT, RI, MA, VT, and FL.

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Types of Marijuana Dispensary Insurance

General liability Insurance 

General Liability compensates for the  personal injuries caused to a person or damaged caused to the property of your business.

Product liability Insurance 

Product Liability insures bodily harm or injuries caused by the product your business is manufacturing, selling or transporting around.

Commercial Property Insurance 

Commercial Property covers damages caused to the property due to theft, burglary, fire,  vandalism, and other  natural disasters.

Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional Liability covers the damage caused to a person or property due to business mistakes like failure to deliver the products.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs of employees in the event of their injuries or death.

Extra Insurance Coverage for Marijuana Dispensary

Business Auto Insurance

Medical marijuana dispensaries own a fleet of vehicles to transport cannabis around. Our commercial vehicle insurance covers damage caused to or by the vehicles.  It includes personal and third-party liabilities.

Data Breach Insurance

Data breach insurance protects your dispensary from cyberattacks. In the event of a data breach, you’re liable to pay those who have suffered. It could be your employees, customers, or your own business.  Our cyber insurance pays financial losses such as refunds to customers, legal fees,  credit monitoring, and PR activities.

Business Owners Insurance

Get an umbrella cover for yourself and your employees. They may include commercial liability, commercial auto, general liability, workers’ compensation, and professional liability. You have the freedom of choice and decide what works best for you.

At Brook Associates Insurance LLC., we educate and encourage our clients to make fair and calculated decisions for their business.  Share what’s on your mind and our insurance agents will work out a tailored insurance solution for your medical dispensary.

Determine Marijuana Dispensary Insurance Cost in Rhode Island 

Marijuana dispensaries are growing in numbers as states are legalizing their use for medical or recreational purposes. It is one expensive business that operates under numerous risks. 

There are several factors that help determine the cost of marijuana dispensary insurance, such as 

  • The type of coverage ( general/product/workers compensation and more) 
  • The premium limit 
  • The location 
  • The size of the dispensary
  • The type of commercial policy bought if any 

At Brook Insurance Associates, LLC., our cannabis insurance team will assess your medical dispensary insurance needs before suggesting  the best policy.  You will receive optimal coverage without sacrificing the budget and your peace of mind. 

Working to secure your medical dispensary and similar facilities against mishaps and uncertainties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can be covered under marijuana dispensary insurance?

    A typical marijuana dispensary insurance covers General liability Business Property Liability Professional Liability Product liability Workers’ compensation You can also ask for additional coverages if that’s what you need. Brook Insurance Associates LLC. helps you tailor an insurance policy that covers maximum risks in your budget only.

  • How does marijuana insurance work?

    Marijuana business owners can select policies depending on the kind of risks they face in the industry. It can be General Liability Commercial Property Product Liability Workers’ Compensation Errors & Omissions Business Income Coverage and more. You can also consider purchasing extra coverage to protect your marijuana dispensary from uncommon risks. Brook Insurance Associates LLC. can tailor an insurance policy for your marijuana dispensary in all of Rhode Island. Schedule a consultation

  • Who can buy cannabis insurance?

    Brook Insurance Associates LLC. provides cannabis insurance solutions to medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, ancillary businesses, and testing labs.

  • Which is the best medical marijuana dispensary policy?

    Brook Insurance Associates LLC. works with many popular insurance carriers but our best interest lies in the clients. We will determine and study marijuana dispensary risks and your budget before suggesting any policy. Schedule a consultation with one of us, and get started.